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You will find Storybook Maltese located in Kansas City, MO, formerly located in the rolling foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Northern California.  We have been blessed with fabulous Maltese from some of the top Champions in the USA. Having owned many dogs over the span of our lives, we are convinced that the Maltese dog is truly the most magnificent dog on Earth.

Our special little Maltese puppies for sale in MO are raised for Show, Service Dogs, Therapy Dogs, & Pets.  All of our dogs live in our house with us as part of our family and though they each have their own roomy pen complete with a soft bed, Piddle Place, food, water, toys etc., they really don’t spend much time in their pens, and can normally be found perching on our laps or at our feet if we are doing errands around the house.

Regarding our Maltese puppies for sale previously  in California and now in the Midwest, Kansas City, Missouri, each puppy has its own special personality and we love each one very much. To tell the truth, they are spoiled rotten. Many times we’ve had people tell us that when they die, they’d like to come back as one of our dogs. It’s very important to us to find homes for our Maltese puppies that will be just as loving as the home they were born in.

Our dogs were ‘working dogs’ in that we took them to work with us every day before our retirement. Not all at once, of course, but on a rotation basis. The ‘Maltese of the Day’ got to come to work and be an Office Maltese, greeting clients and helping to manage our stress levels. All of our Maltese are very well socialized.

We start our Maltese puppies out the same way as they are intended to become special pets for special people. We train them early to be content riding around in a purse, which comes very naturally to the Maltese Breed.

Maltese are very susceptible to separation anxiety and are intended to be with someone that can be with them most of the time and this is the kind of Maltese puppy buyer that we are willing to let one of our precious Maltese puppies go home with.

Although I fell in love with my first Maltese at age 10 and wanted one desperately my whole life, I waited until I was in a position that allowed me to give appropriate time and attention to the dog before acquiring my first Maltese.

We do not sell puppies to homes where our puppies will be left alone all day as the Maltese is the ultimate companion dog and must be with you to be happy, healthy and content. This is the very quality that makes them so perfect for work as Therapy Dogs and Medical Service Dogs.

All of our Maltese are AKC registered and we whole heartedly endorse and participate in the AKC DNA program. All Maltese puppies are sold with a spay/neuter contract and will not leave our home until at least age 12 weeks.

If we do not currently have any available Maltese puppies, we are able to refer you to one of our many friends that may also have a top quality Maltese puppy available. It’s is very important that you purchase a Maltese puppy from a reputable breeder or you may end up very disappointed with your purchase.

If you’ve done your research and are ready to add the love and wonder of a well bred Maltese puppy to your life, or have any questions at all in regard to the Maltese breed, please contact us at and we will be delighted to help you embark on an incredible journey of your own in the world of the amazing Maltese.

We are now located, along with our Maltese puppies, in Kansas City, Missouri after retiring to the MidWest from California!

Meet The Breeders~Steve & Barb Shewmake

My Maltese journey began as a 10 year old girl when I first laid eyes on our neighbors Maltese.  She was as sweet as she was beautiful.  From that moment on, I watched every dog show on TV, suffering though all the other breeds until, at last, the Maltese graced the screen.  I dreamed of having one of my own someday.


The day finally came 30 years later when my children were raised and I could afford a Maltese and I was on the hunt for my long awaited Maltese puppy.  What I found is that quality, well bred, AKC Maltese puppies aren’t very easy to find. I knew that I did not want to buy a puppy ‘sight unseen’ and have it shipped to me like cargo from across the Country and I also felt very determined NOT to support a ‘Puppy Mill’.

Finally, I had my first Maltese puppy.  All the time I’d spent waiting, I read book after book on Maltese dogs and how to care for them. They all warned of various difficulties and special considerations, but I was prepared. Over prepared! As the days went by I kept waiting for some issue or problem to arise. Where was the difficulty? Where were the struggles? The difficulties never came. In fact...this was the easiest dog I had ever owned in my life!

We then became obsessed with this amazing little creature known as the Maltese Dog and our journey continued from there to evolve into more than we could have ever imagined.

We now enjoy competing in AKC Conformation shows and striving to improve the breed with our dedicated breeding program.

When we produce a litter of puppies, it is for the sole purpose of continuing to develop our lines and improve the breed.  Nearly all of the puppies we produce would compete quite nicely in the show ring and we must choose the best of the best to keep.

The others, we offer as outstanding pets to only the most excellent homes.  When our puppies reach their new homes, they are groom trained, pee pad trained, purse trained, and crate trained to help insure a smooth transition.

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In The Beginning...

Our Maltese Journey Begins...

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