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Storybook Maltese

3 years we waited for our first Angel from Angels Maltese, Bonnie Palmer.  We call her ‘Angel’ and that, she is!  She was fun to show. She has a bright white coat and deep pigment.  

Whenever we say her name, she has to twirl twice and then come.  She just gets so excited at the attention.  She’ll sit in a lap for hours.  She’d rather cuddle than play, unless treats are involved.  In that case, count her in, for anything!  Just hand over a freeze dried chicken please!

She’s the boss!  She keeps the others in line and let’s them know right away if they get out of line.  

Angel is truly as sweet as they come!  She is also the resident genius!  Whenever we introduce a new puzzle toy - which we do often - Angel is the first to figure it out and get all the treats out.

She is very smart, outgoing, & friendly. She definitely has the face of an Angel!

To describe Angel in one word:  ANGELIC!

Adult weight 6 lbs


Champion Angel’s Storybook Romance