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Storybook Maltese

 Storybook Maltese New Puppy Owner Questionnaire

If you’re interested in one of our Maltese puppies, please take a moment to tell us about yourself and the home you will provide for your puppy. If you have any trouble with our form, please just email us at storybookmaltese@yahoo.com and respond to the following questions. Thank you for taking the time. This will help us determine if we have a puppy available that will meet your expectations.  These questions aren’t meant to offend you. These are things we need to know to help us choose the best homes for puppies that didn’t ask to be brought into this world and deserve for us to be diligent in placing them in the best homes possible.  Again, we sincerely thank you for your time and interest in a Storybook Maltese puppy.

Storybook Maltese Puppy Application