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Storybook Maltese

Our baby Bell.  That’s what we call her, ‘Baby-Bell’.  Or sometimes we call her ‘Bellsie-Bellsie-Boo-Boo’.  Yes, we have silly names for all of our fur kids.

We loved her from the first moment and as she grew, she captured our hearts more everyday with her sweet face and gentle nature.   Bell is the essence of ‘sweetness’.  She never runs out of kisses and she always aims right for your lips.  Despite our efforts to dodge her kisses, she rarely misses and hits her target.  

Like her mother, she has a brilliant white coat, long legs and a long, graceful neck giving her lovely, floating movement.  She has a very outgoing personality. She makes our hearts smile every day as she runs full speed ahead to great each day with joy and love.  She is the most trusting soul.  

Though she does like to play on occasion, she would really rather just keep our laps warm. She’s very compliant, striving to please and doing whatever we ask her to do.

If I had to describe Bell in just one word, it would be: AFFECTIONATE!

Adult weight 6 lbs.


Storybook’s Liberty Bell