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Storybook Maltese


Champion Storybook’s Secret Crush

George.  What kind of name is that for a dog?  Well I was going to call him ‘Flirt’, but every time I handed this tiny, adorable boy to my husband he said, “I will call him ‘George’ and I will love him and pet him and squeeze him.”  The name stuck and he ended up being our ‘George’.

George’s parents are Angel’s Rumour Has It He’s A Storybook Gigolo

 & LOR-LUV’s Hip Hoppin’ With A Secret.  All I ever wanted or dreamed of in a dog can be found in George. There is no ‘perfect’ dog, but George comes about as close as I have ever seen and fulfills all my goals. His deep, black pigment, bright white and ultra straight, silky coat, perfect structure & movement are just the outside!

Inside, George is the most sweet natured, eager-to-please, happy little guy you could ever want to meet. Not only does he live to please, he is very smart and learns so fast! He’s an itty-bitty little guy. He finished his Champion with 4 Major wins and very quickly!  Looking forward to puppies from George soon!

I can describe George in one word:  DREAMY!

Adult weight: 4 lbs