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Storybook Maltese

This boy is a real dream come true for us and has that lovely face we want to produce. We waited 5 years to get our beautiful boy from Angel’s Maltese, Bonnie Palmer, but he was well worth the wait!

With his jet black pigment and bright white coat, he is a beauty to behold. He is very affectionate and really steals your heart!  He is a MOMMA’s BOY! And I love that about him, since most of the dogs are stolen by my husband.

His soft and tenderhearted nature only takes a back seat when he is bouncing gleefully around the living room playing with the other dogs.  

He’s a good boy that has a heart to please.  He’s a kisser!  He never does run out of kisses!

He finished his Championship before his 1st birthday!  If I had to describe Gigolo in just a single word, it would be: GENTLE!

His adult weight is 4 1/2 lbs.


Champion Angels Rumour Has It He’s A Storybook Gigolo