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Storybook Maltese

Hoping for a long time to have a girl big enough to keep from Little & Victoria, after several tries we truly did a little victory dance when this little girl finally arrived!  Since her parents are Little & Victoria, the name just fit.  

As she grew, she became one silly and playful little girl full of zest for life with a very Jazzy personality and so her ‘call name’ became Jazzy.  She likes to sneak up on the other dogs and pull their tail and then take off running.  She’s very humorous with her silly antics.

She keeps us laughing and her personality reminds us of someone dear to us by the name of Carol Sue. So we ended up calling her Jazzy-Sue and that name fits her very well. Her vivacious personality is balanced with her affectionate and sweet nature and life is a lot less boring with her around.

If I had to describe Jazzy in just one word, well… I CAN’T!  She needs more than one word. She is: Soft and sweet.  A little ornery and silly!

Adult weight 5 lbs.


Storybook’s Little Victory Dance