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Storybook Maltese

Our Little Miss.  That’s what we call her, ‘Lil’ Miss’.  

Very affectionate and loving, Missy is also content to play by herself or lay quietly at our feet if our laps are already full.

She also as a brilliant white coat, long legs and a long, graceful neck and outgoing personality, but she is a little bit shorter than her sister, Bell. She is just a gentle soul that trusts everyone and greets the day with calm anticipation.

She loves to run and pounce and play.  She will randomly run up to me to get a quick belly rub and then off to run and play some more.  She has a calming effect on the other dogs if anyone is upset for any reason.

We’re so proud of our Champion Lil’ Miss! She is her father ‘Treasure’ all over again and we couldn’t have hoped for any better.

If I had to describe Little Miss in just one word, it would be: Independent!

Adult weight 7 lbs.

Missy from birth to Champion.


Champion Storybook’s Little Miss Independence