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Storybook Maltese

Princess is sweet natured, never-met-a-stranger, loves everyone and fears nothing.

She is extremely social and calm. If anyone is in need of a therapy dog for conditions such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Agoraphobia, etc., Princess produces the perfect puppies for this type of work.

Because she is extremely social, her puppies need to be in homes where they will be with someone all the time in order to be happy and content.

Princess is of the Korean lines.  Her parents and grandmother are shown above.  She earned her name because she carries herself with grace, gliding through life with an air of royalty in her demeanor.  

She is a delight.  She’s the most outgoing and friendly of the pack.  She loves everyone, man or dog.  Her calming affect can calm down any anxious or angry dog and if we bring in a dog from outside for breeding or add a new dog to our pack that arrives afraid and nervous, we can count on Princess to stay with that dog and bring down their anxiety level to sweet calm.  She has the same effect on us.  She is the first one to greet a stranger coming into the house.  She is also our biggest girl, sporting long legs and a long, graceful neck.  She has a bright white coat with no color at all.

Princess is one of my favorites to snuggle up and take a nap with.  Those long legs of hers give her some advantages.  She’s the only one that can jump up on the couch and it seems she thinks it is her throne.

Her favorite thing to do is grab a mouthful of kibble and get up on the couch to eat it. She will pile it up on the couch and eat the kibbles one by one and look down at the other dogs as if to say, “Don’t you wish you could get up here like me and eat this superior kibble?”  

Once in a while she will take pity on the peasants and drop a kibble over the edge for them to fight over.  It’s amusing to watch her do this and even funnier that the dogs that have free access to the same kibble she just scooped up before jumping up to her throne will sit and watch and wait for her to drop a kibble to them.  Oh, the games they play!

Princess is very popular with the boys.  They all seem to love her the most and will fight over her.  She spends most of her time lounging on the couch, up and away from their unwanted attention, but when she gets on their level, the chase is on and if she decides to lay on the floor and soak up some sunshine, all 3 boys will be huddled around her. They seem to know that she is ‘The Princess’.  

Princess has produced 2 Champions for us so far.

Princess is bred to Champion Gigolo and is due June 24, 2016.
Male pups will be $2500, female pups $3000.

This will be her last litter before retiring to go live with one of her sons, Slyder.  She will be greatly missed by everyone here!

If I had to describe Princess in just one word, it would be:  Regal!

Her adult weight is 7 lbs.

Below are pictures of Princess puppies, including our Bell, Missy,

and previous Champion Storybook’s Time & Chance (retired)


Storybook’s Princess Grace