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Thank you for completing our questionnaire!

Please take a moment to read this important information as it may answer some of the questions you may have:

Thank you very much for your interest in our puppies. I’d like to take a moment to explain how our puppies are reserved. We don’t produce a lot of puppies and often we have more people wanting a puppy than there are puppies available.

Choosing the best possible home for our puppies is always a priority! They didn’t ask to be brought into this world, so they deserve no less. Most of the people that complete our questionnaire would make wonderful homes. I am looking for the absolute best fit for each puppy. I prefer my pups go to homes where they won’t have to be left alone all day every day. I am very cautious about young children or larger dogs with such tiny puppies. It’s important that we find the right puppy for you, and the right you for the puppy.

Many times there are many equally wonderful families for a puppy and multiple families considering a puppy and then it will be a matter who gets a signed spay/neuter agreement and deposit to me first. Please note that deposits are not refundable except at the sole discretion of the breeder.

Sometimes this upsets people and I’d like to take a moment to explain why this is the only fair way I can see to do it. There have been too many times that someone assured me adamantly that they wanted a puppy and so I’ve turned others away and then their deposit never arrived and come to find out they found a puppy ready sooner or closer to where they live and they never bothered to tell me. By then the folks I turned away went and found another puppy. Therefore, I will not hold a puppy for anyone without having received a deposit quickly followed by a signed agreement to neuter/spay the puppy. Deposits can be paid by credit/debit card, but our preferred method to received deposits is through PayPal (I will provide that information when I send a spay/neuter agreement).

This is the most difficult part of being a breeder for me. I don’t like to sound like a pushy used car salesman and tell people, “If you don’t decide whether or not you want one of our puppies it may be too late.” At the same time, I’ve had people get very upset with me, scream, yell, and cry because I didn’t make sure they understood that if they take their time deciding, it just may be too late!

First choice is reserved for first received deposit, second choice goes to second received deposit, and so forth. Once there is a 2nd commitment for a puppy, we will ask that those in first position make their choice in a timely manner so others can also make their choice.

If I do not have any pups in the house that haven’t had their shots yet, or any pregnant moms that are due soon, then visitors are welcomed. If I have unvaccinated puppies or pregnant moms, then the house is off limits to everyone, even my own grandchildren. You need only visit our Rainbow Bridge page and read my own story of loss to understand why I am so vigilant about keeping a sterile environment for the puppies. My husband and I do not even wear our street shoes into the house and put on clean clothes before interacting with the moms and pups. This practice ensures healthy puppies.

You can rest assured that when you obtain a puppy from us, there will be no visitors here handling your puppy and he/she will grow up in a clean and sterile environment. I provide a health guarantee on all my puppies and no pup has ever left here with worms, fleas, or any kind of disease. I strive to be flawless in this area and therefore, you may not always be able to come visit the puppies, but you can rest assured your Storybook puppy will be healthy, without worms, fleas, coccidia, giardia, parvo, or any other kind of illness/disease!  They will also arrive freshly bathed and without mats.

Please keep in mind that I don’t sell breeding stock under any circumstances and all of my puppies are required to be spayed/neutered at the appropriate age. Not only is this better for the dog in the long run, to avoid cancers that are much more likely to occur in dogs that haven’t been spayed/neutered, but it also protects our unique lineage and insures that no pup descending from our dogs ever end up in a puppy mill.

*On rare occasions I will sell a show dog and then a completion of Championship is required prior to breeding. If you are looking for a show dog it is better to call me at 816-548-9800 to discuss the possibility of obtaining a show dog from us.

I’d like to answer a common question about ‘size’. This is the question I am most asked, “How big will the dog get?”. If ever any breeder tells you they can guarantee size, they are misleading you to facilitate a sale. Instead, we can look at both parents (adult weights of our dogs is listed on each dog’s page), as well as general lineage, and previous puppies, and make an educated ‘guess’ at the adult size or weight of any puppy.

I’ve had people choose the largest pup in a litter because they wanted a bigger dog and then the dog turned out to be 4 lbs. I’ve had people choose the smallest pup because they wanted a small dog and then have that pup turn out to be 7 lbs. So there is no sure fire way to know exactly how big a puppy will get at maturity, however, we do not breed any dog that does not fall within AKC Breed Standard of 4-7 lbs and therefore most of our puppies will fall within that range with an occasional 3 or 8 lb pup and the ‘average’ adult weight of pups we produce is 5 lbs at maturity. It’s far better to focus on the things we can control such as health, temperament, excellent quality, socialization, and support for our puppy families.

The ‘can we wait and see’ approach does not work here, simply because our puppies never last long enough for us to be certain of their size.  If size is extremely important to you, or you want to interact with a puppy to see if you like it or not, then you will be better served by another breeder.  We do very frequent video updates so the puppies can be followed and observed as they grow and develop and they simply will not last long enough for the ‘wait and see’ crowd to consider.  Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. We sincerely appreciate your interest in our puppies!

Another question we get a lot is ‘What age can my puppy come home?’.

12 weeks is a target date that is fairly reliable, however, the actual criteria is that a pup must be completely weaned and on solid food for a period of 2 weeks without digestive issues or sugar crashes and once the pup reaches that point, he/she is ready to go and begin bonding with his/her family.

We never force weaning but let mom follow the natural course. By 7 to 8 weeks they have teeth and mom is all too happy to wean them. So puppies may be ready as early as 10 weeks or as late as 14 weeks, depending on the puppy, but normally a puppy will be read to join his/her family by 10 weeks of age.

It is my personal belief that as soon as a puppy is ready to go, he or she should be allowed to join his/her family because they are very much ready to bond and it is kinder for the puppy to form an attachment to the person/people that they’re going to be with forever rather than to bond to me and then have to be taken from me and bond to someone else. In conclusion, we will keep in touch about your puppy and decide together when the best time is for your puppy to come home.

Finally, the last question is, “How will we get our puppy from your house to ours?” Here are the ways for your puppy to arrive home:

Fly in and have us meet you at the airport. We will meet you 1 hour before your flight leaves with everything you need for the trip.

Come to our home, or if we have unvaccinated puppies or pregnant mothers (as described above) we will meet you in town with everything your puppy needs for the trip home.

Due to COVID-19 Flight Nanny Service is greatly restricted and priority will be given to families that are able to come get their puppy.


Feel free to text me any time: 816-548-9800. Texting is the fastest way to reach out to me. I’m a great multi-tasker!  I can’t always talk on the phone, but I can almost always text…even while blow drying a dog!

Q.  I completed the questionnaire, what do I need to do now to be sure I get a puppy?

A. We have a large number of applicants for puppies and unfortunately there will never be enough puppies for everyone who wants one to get one.  We simply do not breed enough dogs to keep up with the demand for quality puppies. Because I never want more dogs than I can keep living as pets and not kennel dogs, there will never be large quantities of puppies produced here.  

What you can do to increase your chances of obtaining a Storybook puppy is keep in touch.  I always update the Nursery page with upcoming litters and birth announcements.  I usually have a countdown timer with due dates.  When we are 2 weeks from due date it is helpful to keep in close contact, preferably by text to 816-548-9800 (be sure to tell me who you are), then you’ll be at the top of my mind and I don’t mind getting text or emails often.  The older I get, the worse my memory is and often those that are ‘in my face’ every day or so are the ones who end up with a puppy simply because I don’t forget about them. That’s no guarantee but it really does help.  My priority is always to place puppies in the very best possible homes.  It is NOT first come first served.  

I do have priorities for puppies.  I will always strive to place puppies where they’ll be with their new family most of the time.  First consideration is also given to people needing a Maltese as a service dog for things such as diabetes, or epilepsy.  I am more likely to choose an experienced Maltese owner over a person for whom this will be their first pet or someone that has no experience with small dogs.  Because Maltese puppies are very fragile, it’s better if there are no large dogs or small children in the puppy’s environment.  That doesn’t mean I will never allow a puppy to go to a home where there are children or other dogs, but I will only do so if I am convinced the puppy will be safe.  I don’t mean to sound harsh, it’s just that these puppies did not ask to be here and deserve to be in the absolute best possible environment I can find for them.

Again, I truly appreciate your interest in our puppies and your taking the time to complete our New Owner Questionnaire!

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