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Storybook Maltese

Treasure came to us with his mother, Secret (retired), when he was just 8 weeks old and still nursing.  Secrets owner, Lorretta Dean, a dear friend, had a heart attack and I became Secrets guardian for a while.  I fell in love with Treasure right away and Lorretta graciously let me keep him.  She named him ‘Storybook’s Secret Treasure’ and he certainly is treasured around here.  

Our beautiful puppy became a professional model at 6 months old and can be seen on various pet products.  He grew into a dreamy show dog and has lovely bright white coat, big eyes, impeccable structure and a very playful personality.  He is also a gentle soul that loves to curl up in our laps.

Treasure holds the record for fasted finish here, finishing his Championship in just 3 weekends.  He makes gorgeous puppies and also loves his job as a Storybook Stud Muffin.

When Treasure wants some attention, he will put his paws up on my leg and ‘talk’ to me. He starts out quietly, almost as if he is whispering under his breath, but if that fails to get my attention, he gets more and more vocal.  It has become our game.  I pretend I don’t hear him and he strives to be heard until at last, I scoop him up for a snuggle.  He loves to lay in my arms like a baby and I love that too.  I spend some time rocking him like a baby every day, while he just closes his eyes and soaks in the love and attention.

If we have a dog that is insecure or unsure come here, Treasure will have them playing and being silly along with him in no time at all.  He is the most gentle and tender-hearted of the boys.  He will back down to the others if an argument arises over a toy or treat, even though he is our largest boy at 6 lbs.

Treasure is a repeat breeding of Victoria and we are incredibly blessed that he is ours.

If I had to describe Treasure in just one word, it would be:  SILLY!


Champion Storybook’s Secret Treasure