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Storybook Maltese

My heart leapt when I first saw Victoria!  Those great big eyes and short little black nose gave me goose bumps!  She was exactly what I had been searching for and is so hard to find.  It was as if she walked right out of my dreams and into my arms!  Beside the lovely face, she has an ice white coat with no color at all and the most charming personality ever!

We showed Victoria and she won some, but she hated being a show dog and it was just torture for her, so we let her off the hook.

She is the best mother in the world and loves nothing more than to lounge with her puppies and play with them.  If ever we have any orphaned puppies, we can count on Victoria to raise them for us.  

She is also one of our bigger girls, but tends to produce smaller pups.  She is so playful and flirtatious and silly.

If I had to describe Victoria in just one word, it would be: PRISSY!

Adult weight 7 lbs.

Victoria will be ready to retire after her next litter.  She will enjoy being an only dog that is a lap warmer.  She’d love to sleep in your bed and soak up all the love an attention you can give.  She loves to ride in her purse.  She does not like children so we will only place her in a family without children or other pets.  She needs a low key, laid back family.  If you’re looking for a hiking buddy, Victoria is not the dog for you, but if you want to spend most of the day holding her, she is the perfect dog for you.  If you think you might be the right family for Victoria please contact us by email:  barbshew@yahoo.com.


Lor-Luv’s Victoria’s Secret Storybook