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Storybook Maltese

We recently relocated from CA to the Midwest.  Now located in Kansas City, MO

below are our upcoming
Maltese puppies for sale

if you are interested in a puppy

please click here to complete a
new owner questionnaire

Phone: 816-548-9800

Email: storybookmaltese@yahoo.com

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Often more than one family is considering a puppy at the same time.

Therefore puppies are held by contract and deposit only.

Are you grieving the loss of your Maltese?

Not sure if you should get another or not?

Please visit our new

Tribute & Memorial Page

for information on grief & loss of a pet,

and read stories from others who have been through this most heart-wrenching loss.

We’re happy to memorialize your pet here!

Just send us your story and a photo. storybookmaltese@yahoo.com

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if you are interested in a puppy

please click here to complete a
new owner questionnaire

Dear Friends,

We sincerely appreciate the time so many of you have taken to complete applications over the last several months and take your interest in our puppies as a great compliment.  Unfortunately, we’ve had a rough run here with puppies and the last 5 breedings have resulted in 2 single stillbirths, 2 didn’t take, and 1 C-section.  In the middle of all of this we have moved once again to a home in the Country on acreage where we AND the dogs will be more comfortable.  Putting all of this behind us and starting a new chapter, we have our girls beginning to show signs that they’re ready to start anew and we hope to have puppies over the summer.  For those that would rather have a puppy sooner than later, I have a friend with the following puppies available now.  If you’re interested in one of these puppies, and have already completed an application, please email me at barbshew@yahoo.com and let me know so I can forward your application to their owner.  If you are willing to wait for a Storybook puppy, please take a moment to complete our New Owner Questionnaire.


This is Mocha.  She projects to be 5 lbs full grown and will be 12 weeks April 3rd.  Mocha is $3500


This is Vinny.  He projects to be 5-6 lbs full grown, he is potty pad trained and is ready to go now.  Vinny is $3000